Hot Car Safety

Hot Car Safety

Did you know? Heat stroke is the leading cause of non-crash vehicle-related deaths of children?

Never leave your child alone in the car – not even for a moment. 


1) Look Before You Leave: Get in the habit of looking inside of your vehicle before locking it and leaving.

2) Never Leave Child Alone: Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle, even if the winds are rolled down and/or the A/C is on, not even for a brief moment. A child’s body temperature can rise three-to-five times faster than an adult’s. 

3) Keep Car Locked When Unattended: 26% of child heatstroke deaths are from children getting into unattended vehicles.* Keep your vehicle locked at all times. 

4) Contact Healthy Start BFG for a FREE Life Meter: Life Meter is a temperature-indicating decal that can be easily applied in your vehicle. It will display the temperature clearly, and can also serve as a reminder to “Look Before You Leave”. Contact us for more information. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Hot Car Deaths